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Phone numbers: (225) 925-1923 or (800) 821-4529 (LA only)

Administrative Division
Name Position Ext Email
Bruce Unangst   Executive Director   217
Summer Mire   Confidential Assistant/Human Resources   217
Jeremy K. Endicott   Information Technology Liaison Officer   222
Ryan Shaw   Public Information Director   253 
Education & Licensing Department
Mark Gremillion   Director 247
Anne Brassett*   Admin. Assistant to the Appraiser Board 241
LaKeisha Duhon   Agency Receptionist 210
Education Division
Debbie DeFrates   Admin. Mgr. - Education Division Supervisor   239
Dusty Evans
  Administrative Coordinator   246
Carol Richard
  Administrative Coordinator   243
Stacy Sharpe Administrative Coordinator 224
Licensing Division
Angela Moncrieffe

Admin. Mgr. - Licensing Division Supervisor

  Administrative Coordinator   218
 Angela Bessix
  Administrative Coordinator   213
Investigative Division
Robert Maynor   Director of Investigations   226
Chad Mayo   Hearing Examiner   242
Nikki Senegal
  Investigator-Real Estate/Appraisal   219
Malissa Fowler   Investigator-Real Estate/Appraisal   227
Henk vanDuyvendijk   Investigator-Appraisal*   231 
Sarah Wheeler   Investigator-Real Estate/Appraisal   233
Telly Hollis Administrative Assistant 250
Accounting Division
Jenny Yu
  Fiscal Officer   230
Kayla Robinson   Accountant   245
Katie Lei   Accountant   212

* Denotes personnel assigned exclusively to the Real Estate Appraiser's Board

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